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2010-04-25 22:11:18 by WhiteHaru

So, considering most of y'all be gamers who do not have much of a social life/people who play hentai games (LOL I SED IT):

I am posing the question: "What do you do when the woman of your dreams goes out with another person?"

Do you give up?
Do you try harder to make yourself more attractive?
Do you cry yourself to sleep, get up in the morning determined to become a better man, work out and build up your muscle over a period of time, and don the headband of the hardcore nerd, all to the 'Autobots theme' from Transformers?

Other suggestions?


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2009-10-24 06:05:47 by WhiteHaru

OK, I lied, no free money.

I've decided to write my first news post.

I really want to make a flash and upload it..
I always give up really early into it though, haha.

Yep, that's all I had to say.
Asian pride, yo.

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