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2010-04-25 22:11:18 by WhiteHaru

So, considering most of y'all be gamers who do not have much of a social life/people who play hentai games (LOL I SED IT):

I am posing the question: "What do you do when the woman of your dreams goes out with another person?"

Do you give up?
Do you try harder to make yourself more attractive?
Do you cry yourself to sleep, get up in the morning determined to become a better man, work out and build up your muscle over a period of time, and don the headband of the hardcore nerd, all to the 'Autobots theme' from Transformers?

Other suggestions?



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2010-04-25 22:14:25

um... find another gurl of ur dreams who's interested in u?

WhiteHaru responds:

Thank you for that suggestion.


2010-04-25 22:51:39

ur welcome


2011-09-24 16:59:49

A gamer who... (scrolls up to read it again...) does not have much of a social life... if you're here, and asking... are you a gamer who does not have much of a social life then? If so, then that must be why you didn't attract her attention. ._. But it would be best to find a mutual attraction instead of one that'll slowly break you to pieces; it depends on how serious you are. Some girls are different, there's the ones who flaunt and tend to stick to anyone that pays attention to them. Too many to name really. You should do one of your interests, maybe it might help you meet a girl who enjoys the same things as you do.

WhiteHaru responds:

Hey, thanks for that.
I should really update these news posts.. this was quite a few months back and I guess I sorta got over it. But ye, I guess I did not have much of a social life, not that I really needed one at the time... It's true that a mutual attraction is important, as what's the point of an one-sided relationship - that's just a fantasy.

Well I'll update my status:
-> Made the headband
-> Worked out slightly, no weight-liftin' though
-> Went out to a few parties etc. recently so I guess that's a bit of my social life activating
-> Was stuck with her for like 30 minutes and a train ride through a series of events - so we got to chat and catch up

Not sure if anyone will read that, but I guess you'll get to it in time, like how I got to your comment. Peace out.


2011-12-24 07:16:24

hi asshole

WhiteHaru responds:

hi ^^